1. Robot Dream

From the recording the anima of


Get me out of this robot dream
plug it in and make it scream
Four dollar bills
And I need one more
I could use a little pension purpose
We'll treat you well if you let us
Own you

Tin foil on the rabbit ears
Uplink to mother machina
Download the bits to this song
So I can own you
So you can own me

Of course, how would I know
I'm just a processor on the node
In this Kurzweilian fairytale world

Because the robots got the code
To interpreting my soul
Bop Ba da da da da da
Bop Ba da da da

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

I disconnected and I drop from the grid
I fell down and vultures ate skin
But she medicated me in time
To be virus free thank god I'm free

My destiny ain't manifest
It's bought and sold with all the rest
In this intergalactic pyramid scheme
Like Ian Makay and Mr. Brett
I'm all amped up to sing my best
Conscientious melodical theme
Oh but this is self-referential
What would Baudrillard have to say

Well, he ain't here
So get me out of this robot dream
And take the tin foil off the antenna
In fact just through the whole fucking thing out